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The power grid here on the west coast of Puerto Rico can be quite unpredictable. Thankfully we have completed the installation of our rooftop solar panels with back up battery system.  If the power from the utility company goes down our back up batteries seamlessly activate giving power to the entire property.  Most everything on the property will function as normal. The refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, fans, lights, internet and power outlets will remain working. The stove tops and AC will stop working until the main grid comes back online. We are proud to be part of only 5% of vacation rental properties on the island to have an alternative power back up system.

The water at times can be affected due to scarcity. We have installed a 2500 gallon reserve of fresh filtered water for our property. In addition we have 4 solar water heaters that store an additional 500 gallons of hot water.  Since we are on a septic system we ask that guests minimize water use and toilet paper use. It is better for the environment and local ecosystem. 

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